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The Updates

 It has been quite a while since I dusted off a keyboard and put my thoughts down in a public forum. Much of this has to do with the mourning and depression which hit after my last post; I had not expected the loss of my mother to take me down as low as it did, and I regret not seeking help sooner than this year. But thanks to a number of things I am back on the upswing, with more than a few changes in life. As a family, we have survived the pandemic without any major affect to us. It did change some of our habits around the house and in public, and we are continuing to work on improving all aspects of our health - eating better, exercising, etc. This isn't just a long road with a destination, but a continuous movement towards the future. Personally, I have evolved as well, adjusting my career goals through various work opportunities from freelance to corporate positions. Most recently I have found a niche within a government agency which looks to capitalize on my experiences and c

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